Founded in 1999, Azienda Agricola Luca Ricci comes from a long family-tradition of experience and passion.
A story that began with the oenologist grandfather Romano, continued with his son Luca, and is now enriched with new pages thanks to his grand-children

Whether it’s wine, crops from of our fields or life experiences, we always try to take the best from our beautiful land and give it back to those who can truly appreciate it.
This is why our soul is threefold: we are farmers, wine producers and hoteliers.

A young tradition

Believing in the family means giving a chance to the young people, which is why half of our employees are under 30-years-old; but also knowing how to respect the grandparents’ wisdom: for this reason we never lose sight of our historical and cultural past.

Tradition rhymes with innovation

For us, innovation does not mean erasing the past; rather, it means understanding the deep mechanisms hidden in the traditional techniques and bringing them into the modern context, thanks to the resources and capabilities of the modern technology.

Keeping an eye on new trends

Having a long tradition is not the same as being confined to the past. Our company is particularly attentive to the natural evolution of the tastes and desires of consumers. Our products are designed and cultivated specifically to satisfy contemporary needs.

We keep an eye on the market to anticipate changes and capture trends.
The worldwide success of Prosecco spurred us to create a wine appreciated even by the most demanding connoisseurs whilst the growth of wine tourism has convinced us to host gourmet travelers in our Country House Le Fade.